Blue Bayou during PotC refurbishment

First time to DL and had been looking forward to eating at Blue Bayou. Looks like PotC may still be under refurb during our trip (second week of March) :frowning: If it is, is it worth eating at Blue Bayou? Or should we try Cafe Orleans? Or something else completely?

Personally, it is the atmosphere of the BB that makes it worthwhile. It depends on if it will still see the ride or if it will be blocked off. The food is ok. I like the food at Cafe Orleans. We plan to go there every trip and we are never disappointed.

Right now DL website lists Pirate refurb dates through mid-March, but it’s definitely something you should keep watching. If it is back up by your dates then Blue Bayou atmosphere really is great. If not, then you have the awesome option of Cafe Orleans which I like too especially for the price/food (atmosphere is still great especially outdoors overlooking Rivers of America, even if not as cool as the Bayou).

I would get reservations for both and know you’ll just have to cancel one once you have enough information to make a decision. You can cancel up to the day before without penalty so having both set aside allows you options.

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