BLT Room type by floor? Sept 20-26 trip

Does anyone have a link to a site that shows the room types by floor? I have used the room selector but it does not seem to e giving me any rooms with using the filter for 2br lake view. I know that I have seen it someplace before but Bing search to no avail! Common Liners I know you have the info!!! TIA!

Check out this forum.

VailRaven - this is exactly what I remember seeing quite a bit ago! thanks so much!

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Do you know how they would put together a 2BR OTHER than the dedicated 2BR? Ie. 1br lock off plus studio lock off?? Is there any benefits to one or the other? TIA!

The 2br lockoff is a studio and 1br combined. In this pic, the studio is the section to the left.

perfect! do you have a similar floor plan to this with a dedicated 2 br? the reason this is becoming “a thing” is that my MIL is coming with my family of 6. :wink:

I think this is the dedicated 2BR. I don’t notice too much of a difference other than the closet area in the entry way - and the studio portion of the lockoff would have its own separate entrance.

Phenomenal! yeah, the big difference though is in the two queens in the lock off! Allows for 3 of the kidos to be sleeping in there and one in the master = parent night cap time in the main room!!! thank you again for the information.