BLT or bwv?

June trip can’t decide studio at BLT or bwv?

Stayed at BLT last trip because of its proximity to MK. Had two toddlers at the time. It was really nice although the theming wasn’t overly magical. More like staying at an upscale hotel. DS2 loved watching the monorail go thru the resort.

That being said we are staying at BWV next June. Kids love the look of the pool (if you are traveling with kids I would have them take a look at it. It scares some.) Have never stayed at a EP resort and we are excited about it. Some of the downsides I’ve heard about it are the distance from room to lobby and slow buses. We will have a car. The resort looks beautiful.

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Still torn.

Do you plan to spend more time at the MK or in EP? Are you bringing the kids on this trip? Is this for your Oct F&W trip? This is a DVC rental, right? BWV points are substantially fewer per night that BLT.
I’ve never stayed at BLT, but I LOVE the Boardwalk

This is for June with kiddos. Dd is doing dance the world later in the week and we will stay at cbr. Loved BLT but want to try a new place. Yes renting points and bwv is much less.

Stay at the Boardwalk. You’ll love it and your kids are the perfect ages to enjoy the nightly entertainment. Plus, then Larry can walk to R&C. :slight_smile:
Edit: Don’t forget your pajamas

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What are your dates? We may be there at the same time.

June 13-18

Missing you by a few days. We will be there the 3rd thru 11th.

I am also torn I want to try BWV but feel I will miss my usuals :slight_smile: We go in Apri

It might help me get rid of my paralyzing fear of clowns…

We are also staying at BWV for the first time in June! We’ll be there May 31 - June 6. Never stayed at an Epcot resort before so we are looking forward to it.

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