BLT or AKL in February

Hi. We currently have a savanna studio at Kidani Village. My mom is 73 and I thought she might like the animal viewing. Now I an second guessing due to early sunsets and cool weather. What are your thoughts on these two DVCs in late Jan thru early Feb? Thank you

How much time do you plan to be just hanging out in the room during daylight hours?

If you’ll be returning to the room for longish midday breaks, that’s when we’ve felt the savanna view was ideal. Ex. I’ve gone twice with infants. I’d be in the room on baby duty watching animals while DH took older one(s) to the pool.

If you’re planning to be in the parks for the bulk of the day, probably not as large a draw.


One rest day. The rest of the time in the parks

That’s a tough one. I love AKL, but it’s definitely a bit out of the way.

What are you thinking for dinners? Hopefully all the AKL restaurants are back open by then. If your dinner plans are mostly in the parks and at the AKL options, the location is somewhat less critical.

If you are wanting to eat dinner at other resorts, being on the monorails might be preferable.

We will be in the parks 6 days. Eating in the parks. One day at the resort. If it were not for early sunsets I would not be worried.

So if you’re only planning to be there during daylight hours for one day, I would think it’s a no brainer to move. What are your actual plans for the rest day? Do you expect to just be hanging out at the hotel all day?

The rest day would just be relaxing at the hotel. Eating at the hotel.

I would think AKL would be nicer to be at all day, BLT would be good if you wanted to visit the other monorail resorts. AKL might have the better food options but BLT has access to others.


Do you think you will take breaks? Or full park days?

Is it just the 2 of you? I’m leaving toward BLT if it’s a park heavy trip.

Thank you for your opinion. Full park.

My 22 yr old daughter too. Normally its just us and we do parks open to close. This year my mom is going. We will have to go slower. She has early onset alzheimers.

I’m really sorry to hear that. The BLT studios are the smallest dvc studios and may feel cramped with 3 adults.

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No breaks. Probably opening to 6pm or 7pm.