BLT accessible rooms

Submitting a room request for an upcoming stay at BLT. We have a 2 bedroom BL view, trying to get one with also a view of the MK. Touring plans recommends 8412, 8212, or 8112. Those are all listed as handicapped accessible rooms. 8412 with a roll in shower, the other two with grab bars. I’m wondering if anyone has ever stayed in these rooms? We don’t need an accessible room so I don’t want to take that away from someone who does. Also wondering how different these rooms are from the others.


Not sure about those rooms,but in general you want a room on the north wing on the outer curve (which I think are the even numbers).

Ours was a 1-bed lake view with a partial view of MK. Not sure what the room number was. I want to say something like 7422 … let me go see and I’ll come back.

But any of the LV 2-beds at that end on the outer curve. They surely aren’t all accessible rooms?

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Right I just found 7802 right at the north end which is saying it’s lake view but looks right over Space Mountain.

Literally every room right at the north end, on the outside of the curve. You should be able to see both Bay Lake shore and MK.✓&hotel=242&building=201&filters[accessibility]=any&filters[balcony]=&filters[connect]=&filters[floors]=any&filters[lobby_distance]=15&filters[rack_rate]=any&filters[rate_date]=02%2F09%2F2021&filters[sound]=&filters[transportation_distance]=any&filters[ug]=&filters[view]=353&no_draw=false&rooms=true&floor=8

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The end room on the top 4 floors is not accessible, but obviously the furthest away. There is only one other 2 bedroom on the top 4 floors on that wing and it appears to be accessible on all the floors. Thanks for your help!

The room I linked to is only on floor 8 and isn’t accessible.

Most Lake View rooms are on the inside of the curve and therefore either face direct onto Bay Lake if you’re right in the middle, or across to the opposite wing.

The end rooms on the north wing face out over the shores of Bay Lake but also give a partial view of MK. If you want a partial MK view you’re going to have to be farthest away from the lobby and on the outer curve. Most of the rooms on the outer curve are TPV rooms once you get to floor 5 and standard below that.

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