BLT 9/1-9/5 for $10/point or less

I wanted to pass this along. I thought someone might get a deal.
I know someone that has confirmed BLT (lake view studio) reservation 9/1-9/5. Going rate is around $14/point but they can’t go and are willing to do $10/point or even less. They are the DVC owners not renters. They are looking to not have a total loss. I so wish I could take advantage of this but I already have trip booked 9/19.

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Wow that’s a great deal. If only I could take advantage of it. Is there no way for owners to change dates this close? How many points total is it? Might help someone decide.

I just googled point chart and it looks like 19 points a night so 76 points total for the 4 nights/5 days. They have a confirmed booking already and can’t go. So instead of a total loss they are willing to negotiate. At $10/point, that makes it $190/night for a lake view. But I think they are willing to negotiate. I hope a deal like this pops up when I can actually take advantage of it

Me too! We’re paying more than that for POR lol.

I know what a great deal !! That’s Labor Day weekend so I hope someone can manage to use it!!