BLT 3Br Villa Club benies?

Has anyone heard of the 3BR villas with park view at BLT being eligible for club level benefits (ie FP)?

My brother booked our villa over the weekend and the DVC staff mentioned something about it, but it was unclear.

I haven’t heard or seen anything to that effect. Maybe they were referring to the Top of the World lounge?
The club itself is in the main building of the Contemporary so it doesn’t make much sense to offer club benefits to guests in BLT.
The only DVC that offers club level is the ultra low availability studios at AKL Jambo. Impossible to book…
DVC staff tend to be more informed than the typical CMs but they have been known to speak out of turn too.
If anyone on the forum has actually stayed in a 3br, maybe they can chime in.

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No, they do not have CL benefits.

Other than the AKL, the Poly bungalows and CCV cabins qualifybas CL for some extras that CL guests can book. Like the paid CL FPs.