Blizzard Beach with 2 kids

We have a tall, but young (and chicken) 6-year old who will be over 48", and a short (also chicken) 4 year old who will be 35" or so. They’re best friends.

  1. Will both boys be allowed to play at Tike’s Peak together, even though the older is over 48"? (He’s about 49")
  2. Will we be allowed to play at Ski Patrol Training with our 6-year-old (i.e. go down the slides behind him)? Will the 4 year old be allowed to go there?
  3. Will the older guy be able to wear a lifejacket for all of the Ski Patrol Training areas at Blizzard Beach?
  4. Anything else we should know about BB with little kids? Is Typhoon Lagoon a better choice?

Based on our experiences:

  1. Taller kids on their own are sometimes asked to leave but as he is with a friend it should be OK. Be warned, it is easy to lose sight of them in Tike’s Peak if you are on your own!
  2. Everyone is able to play at Ski Patrol and go on the slides or get in the water to help - we have been in a group with ages 4 to 70 and never had a problem. The only item with real height restrictions in Ski Patrol is a zip wire - 4 year old is probably too small and adults are not allowed.
  3. There are life jackets available in many sizes and I saw children wearing them almost everywhere. Not sure about using them on the zip wire.
  4. My DD has loved BB from age 4 (now 7), especially the lazy river and Ski Patrol. The Teamboat Springs ride that we can do as a family is the favourite, and this is why we go to BB rather than TL.
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Thank you so much! That answers all my questions perfectly! :slight_smile:

There is also a tube slide towards the back of the park…Runoff Rapids. You can either ride a single tube or pick a double tube. The double would allow you to ride with your son. Toboggan racers is also a favorite of our two boys (8 and 4). No entry into the water, just a fun downhill slide.