Blizzard Beach vs Typhoon Lagoon with a 4 year old


We are spending a week in Florida off property in early May and want to spend a day at one of the Disney water parks since we couldn't fit it into our Disney vacation this past October. Our DD is 4, loves water slides and is 42" yet she doesn't like big waves (so the wave pool is out). She would rather spend time on slides and with us vs spending time by herself in a kids area. Which park do you recommend? Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon (or even a non-disney water park)? Any help is appreciated.


We have a 4 year old son so planning on blizzard. Read somewhere more kids oriented and the pools are heated


All pools on Disney property are heated. I have heard that BB has a better kids area.


Hells bells at 4 years old I had a hose and a sprinkler!!! Either is better than what I had!!!!


We plan on BB just because of TL opening a new ride might make the crowds worse. The ONLY concern I have is an area that has 8 1/2 ft water pretty close to the Ski Patrol area. But knowing that I just know where to keep DD8 from going. Hope this is okay to post:


Have you thought about Aquatica? It has an amazing play area for children where you can join in. There are two large pools with shallow entry and only one has waves at any time, so she could splash in the other one without fear of any waves at all.


Thanks! I was looking at the two Disney ones, the Aquatica one and the Lego Land one. I researched them all online but I don't know of anyone that has actually taken young children to any of them. I need to look closer at which has the most slides my DD can go on. I am sure she will have fun anywhere but we are trying to find the best one so us as parents can have a good time too :slight_smile: