Blizzard Beach to MK to Hoop dee Doo

Two part question.

  1. Is there a bus directly from Blizzard Beach to MK, or do I have to transfer at Animal Kingdom? (We are meeting another group outside MK) Or maybe someone has a suggestion for a quicker way.
  2. Once I arrive at MK are there any security checks to get on the ferry that leaves for Fort Wilderness? Or anything else that may delay my trip?
    Hope someone can help. Our next trip is latter this month.

There would not be a direct bus. You can either take the MK bus and then the ferry or the bus to FW and then take the internal bus.

Edited to add or a bus from AK to WL or CR and then boat to FW.

Are you just meeting out front of MK, not going in ? If so, take a CR bus from BB and have your party meet you at the CR boat dock, for a launch to FtW.

Or, for speed, uber to CR.

Buses no longer go from BB to resorts? Did that change when it reopened?