Blizzard Beach since reopening, anyone?

Hi everyone,
Curious if anyone has been to Blizzard Beach since it reopened a few days ago? Anyone planning to go soon? I’ve watched a couple of YouTube videos from reopening day and I cannot wait to go in two weeks! It looks so so fun. We plan to go on our “moving day” from CSR to Pop and it’s perfect because it will allow us a later start than the previous RD days.

Opening day looked empty, but I guess the cooler temps have been keeping people away so far.

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Let me know how it goes with social distancing, etc. I found that park to have super long lines even at opening and literally burned my feet standing in them. There were giant gaps of people trying to stand under umbrellas or in the shade in the long lines. I followed TP’s plan for adults and still super long and hot lines so I’m curious how lower crowds but socially distanced lines play out. We’re going Jun 8th.

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That is good to know, we plan to go in a few weeks for first time. I’m guessing flip flops are a no, but do they allow water shoes on the slides?

I would also love to know it goes with social distancing since people don’t have to wear masks in line. We would love to go next month when we are there. I seem to recall that you are allowed to wear one of those waterproof pouches on a lanyard with your phone in it. Can anyone verify that? I’m thinking it would allow us to wear masks while in line but take them off for the actual rides.

will do!

I think this is correct. I recall in one of the videos (Kyle Pallo I believe he mentioned you can war a lanyard). I plan to use one to carry my phone.

I don’t remember but prolly depends on the slide. I imagine the 60mph one allows nothing that could come off and hurt you or anyone

Hmm yeah the 60 mph slide isn’t a concern for me :rofl::joy:
I see photos on the website of guests wearing water shoes on the slides so I’ll take that as a yes on that question.

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Good for you. It hurts. We all came off with bruised hips. I’m not doing it this time either. Maybe that’ll help with the other slide wait times!

Haven’t been back yet but before the shut down. You can wear your water shoes until going down the slides, then they will have you take them off and hold them on the way down. I would recommend them, I had gotten them for my kids but not for my self, was wishing I had some.

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