Blizzard Beach opening

Anybody know if Blizzard Beach will be opening soon?

No official announcements on the matter at all from Disney, and some recently filed permits suggest the closure might go on even longer.

Rumors are kind of all over the place on this. Some suggest it might not open at all this year, others that some major construction project is being done there now, and others still suggesting the reopening could be somewhat imminent.

So…the best answer I can give is, “Don’t bet on it.” :slight_smile:

I’m with you… I google “blizzard beach rumors” and “blizzard beach reopening” almost every day… we’re going in August and were hoping for a waterpark-heavy trip!

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If there was a major construction project, Disney blogs would be all over covering it. Somebody would discover the construction permits for it (if they exist).

I personally think is is coming down to staffing, and Disney is having problems staffing two waterparks at this time or filling up one waterpark with guests. If there are large crowds at Typhoon Lagoon after Memorial Day weekend, I am hopeful Disney will see the need to open Blizzard Beach back up (and soon…we will be down there in July!)


Any news on the opening of Blizzard Beach? Heading there this month…

They are still doing some major refurbishments as you can see in the photos at these linked tweets from bioreconstruct. I assume it will still be some time before they reopen. Good news is that Typhoon Lagoon will probably stay open until BB reopens. They seem to like to have at least one water park open.