Blizzard Beach - Mid July

So how crazy does it get? We would be arriving at park opening (10am) on a Wednesday in mid-July.

Are these worth it?

Premium Beach Chair Space - Lodge Picnic Umbrellas
This includes 2 lounge chairs, umbrella, cocktail table and 2 towels. Limit is up to four people; if more, a second reservation is needed. Reserve in advance by calling 407-WDW-PLAY. Cancellation without penalty must be no later than 9:00 am the day prior to reservation. These are available on a same day basis if there are any locations left (check at Shade Shack). Cost is $40 plus tax during off season and $60 during peak season; this must be paid at time of reservation.

I envision most of our time will be spent in the lazy river, wave pool, and at Ski Patrol Training Camp (for my non-adventurous 12yo) while my 16yo attacks some of the bigger slides.

I don’t want to waste money on something that isn’t worth it, but it may be a good idea to have a main spot, w/ shade, to use a s a home base.


…and does anyone know where I can find a recent map of BB online? I did a general search but the most recent ones that are dated were from 2015.

If you arrive 30 minutes before open, you will have your pick up free chairs in the shade. I don’t think the chairs are worth it unless you are arriving later in the day. I had considered it for TL last year, and was so glad I had not wasted the money when we could have had basically the same for free.

Here’s the official map PDF from the official Disney site:

Excellent…that is exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for.

I could spend that $60 on so many other things!!! :wink:

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Thank you!

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Maps, and other media, are usually here:


To be honest, while I was a planning demon for a while…we haven’t been to WDW since 2011. Back then the WDW website was next to useless so I never look there! :slight_smile:

I’m going to have to change my mindset a bit!

Well, us DisNerds exist everywhere. It’s often easier to ask your internet friends. Cheers!


Glad to help! I don’t mind spending money on worthwhile things, but I hate to spend money on things that prove to have little or no value. That was certainly the case with the chairs!