Blizzard beach closure

So I just found out that Blizzard beach is closed for our trip ( I could have sworn that the dates of closure were different when I planned the trip). Anyway, I have noticed that the day we arrive is the last day of its opening ( Saturday) this was due to be our MK day but was thinking of swapping to Blizzard beach to experience it before it closes. We are first timers from UK so who knows when we will be back! Is this a crazy idea? It’s a Saturday and the day before it closes for 2 months will it be chaotic?? Thanks for your help

I much prefer Typhoon Lagoon so I wouldn’t. I’m not sure if it will be busier than usual - you’d think so, but last year we did BTMRR the night before it went down for 2-3 months as it was our first day and waits were really short for a CL8 day. When are you going? We always go in summer and the water parks are always heaving.

Thanks for our reply! We go at the end of October…

Still hot then. If you really want to go, just prepare for the worst and if it’s not too crowded it will be a pleasant surprise! TL will probably be more crowded late in your trip because there’s only one water park open, so it’s swings and roundabouts anyway.

There has been a nite in the Unofficial Guide in the past that Saturday’s are the best days for water parks. It is travel day (arriving or leaving) for a lot of people so it is less crowded. They said Thursday is generally the most crowded.