Blizzard Beach closing on 9/8? Refurb? What?

Was refining my plans for September and noticed BB closed starting 9/8. Park times were just listed a couple days ago. Why would they be closing so early? I’ve never seen a water park closed before late October for the refurb rotation. And I can’t find the refurb schedule which is usually posted by now. Anyone heard anything?

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The official park times on the Disney site indicate you’re right! It does seem to be closed from the 8th of September on!

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that seems crazy

Doesn’t it usually close down in the fall? Unless it’s super hot then it’ll have days when it’s open.

One of the water parks usually closes in November, and then they switch out in January, or thereabouts.

I’m thinking the new water park right on the doorstep might have spurred them onto doing a more extensive update this time. TL got a new ride recently and AFAIK, BB hasn’t had an update since it opened.