Blackout dates

So We are looking at a November 2017 trip, and I’m looking at historical discounts and I see Veterans day is typically blacked out for fall discounts. We were planning on Arriving on the Saturday of Veterans day. If we booked the trip one day in blacked out time could we get the discount on the rest of the days? We are only looking at 5 days, so reducing the trip by 1 day would really impact us.

I guess it’s not going to make or break it one way or another, I’m just hoping to be able to save because this trip will be 5 adults and we are paying for it all as christmas / birthday presents!.


If the first day of your trip is blacked out you would have to book two reservations I think. One for the day blacked out and the another starting the next day of the trip in order to get the discount.

Yes - it’s basically a split stay, but you won’t need to switch rooms or anything. 2 Reservations, 1 covering the expensive blacked out day & another covering the deal portion of the stay. We did it once at the Poly and it worked well - the only downside was our park tickets were on the 2nd part of our stay and so we spent time at the front desk while they manipulated things to make sure Epcot would let us in on our arrival day. This was a few years ago so their systems may be better now at handling that.

Worked out fine, but it would be something to watch and make sure you’re good at check-in versus finding out at the park…