Black Tap Craft Burgers?

okay, I’ve made all of our sitdown dining reservations for our July trip. Lunch at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen, Dinner at Naples Ristorante, character brunch at Storyteller’s, and a dinner at Tortilla Joe’s. some are duplicates so we have some day to day flexibility and I’ll cancel once we know our specific plans for each day. I’m sure we’ll add in some Earl of Sandwich and the new Napolini quick pizza.

Also, anyone been to the Black Tap Craft Burgers & Shakes place in downtown Disney? what kind of seating is there, and let me know your thoughts…

I was just there on April 30th! At Black Tap you order at the counter and then find a table. Tables are inside and under a covered patio. Plenty of tables, we did not have reservations and we were eating in less than 35 minutes. The food is delish…we order a texan burger, crispy chicken sandwich (super good), regular and sweet potato fries. We also split a classic chocolate and peanut butter shake. The crazy shakes are super big enough for 3 to 4 people. The classic shake are large enough to split between 2 people. We really enjoyed the food at Black Tap. I have heard great reviews for Ballast Point it’s next door to Black Tap we went there first but it was 1 to 1 1/2 hour wait without a reservation. Have a magical time and I hope this helps.


this is great info, exactly what I was looking for. Hope to be able to check it out. My family doesn’t want to wait in line for a restaurant after waiting in lines for rides, so we’ll have to see how the timing works out.

fyi, I’ll be hopefully be doing a fuller trip report, but we are back now. we went to Black Tap this past Saturday night, party of 8, but 2 split tickets of 4ea. they did a great job of getting us a table for everyone. the only issue was waiting in the line to order, which is what everyone has to go through anyway. our food and large table ended up being ready about the same time. very pleased with the quality of the burger.