Black Magic Bands?

I’m wondering why black isn’t an option to choose for magic bands when you order them for a trip? You can buy a solid black one for the same price you can get the other offered solid colors so why not give you the option of black. Anyone know?

It might be added at some point, like purple was.

Maybe it will be added this year, that would be good!

If I had to guess, it is all about money.

Black would likely be the most popular color. As a result, don’t make it an option and then CHARGE people if they want black! That’s the way of Disney.

I don’t know if that’s the case, but…Money makes the (WD)World go 'round!


I do agree, but people said that’s why purple wasn’t added and then it was. I wonder if they see how many sell to gauge how popular the colour is.

I’d have a hard time imagining purple being that popular!

Another possibility is that black doesn’t lend itself to being marked easily. If, say, a family decided to get matching bands and just write names on the back with a permanent marker, black wouldn’t allow that very well. This avoids that.

People were desperate for purple!

I know I was. I covered one of my MBs in purple vinyl before the real purple MB was available.


Literally the day they became available for free every other post on chat was that people were swapping to purple!

I am getting purple for my Sept trip, but I do wish they let you get black also!

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I can relate. I always thought it was weird purple wasn’t one of the original colors. But purple and red are my favorite colors so I’m biased I guess.

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Shows what I know. But then, my wardrobe is pretty much 50 shades of gray. (Um…not 50 Shades of Grey, which is something else entirely.)


So I think I need to put out a call for action…no one, and I mean no one, buy a solid black magic band 2 from the Shop Disney store! Thanks!

But Disney already puts a name on the inside. Why would someone want to write on it? And even so, there’s always white nail polish…


My random unofficial sample says that out of the 4 people in my house 3 of them wanted purple (DW, DD and DD)


that seems legit!

If someone wants to shed money on a Black/Jack-Jack MB:

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