Black Friday ticket deals?

Anyone have Universal tickets on sale this weekend?? Hoping for a good deal, we leave Sunday :grimacing:

Undercover Tourist had great prices on tickets when I checked yesterday. They have buy 2 days get 2 days free for $261.95 (park to park tix) or the same plus Volcano Bay for $300.95. Both prices include taxes.

There’s a page mentioned on TP called Official Ticket Center and their 2 day park to park are $214 (with 2 free days). I’ve never heard of them before, was hoping to get some feedback.

There are cyber Monday deals on their site as well for UOR.

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Make sure you compare whether prices are before or after tax. UT always lists AFTER tax. Most everywhere else is before tax.

Anyhow, TODAY only, UT tickets are $256.79 (if you’ve previously used the MouseSavers link) for 2-day park to park PLUS two free days (4 days total). If you don’t have the MouseSavers link, then usually it is about a dollar or so more.

Ah. I just went to look. That $214 price is NOT for park to park tickets. The park to park price (with 2 days free) is $264. Undercover Tourist is still cheaper.

Thank you.

I was looking at the one day, one park rate on UT, and it came out to the same exact price on the Universal website: $122.48. I thought UT was cheaper than the Universal site. Is that normal, or was that because it is a one day ticket?

It’s because it is a 1 day ticket.

UT still offers the ticket, but single day tickets can’t really be discounted. However, UT does give a discount if you bundle a Universal ticket with Disney tickets. So there can be times it is still advantageous to use UT.

Got it, thanks. I was just curious because I was comparing the prices on both sites. Also, I was reading the touringplans blog, and on the Universal Orlando this week, it had the price of a one day value ticket at $115, but everywhere I’ve checked it was $122. It caught my interest.