Bkfst at the Wave

So I’m going to WDW in a month. I’m staying at OKW, but on my MK day I’m having breakfast at The Wave. Does anyone know if the sidewalk from the Contemporary to MK is closed until a certain time? What time do they start operating temp check and security?

Almost positive that the walkway is open 24 hours but security/temp check over an hour before…This is from Len, updated July 27,2020…The Magic Kingdom opens Main Street, U.S.A., to guests up to a full hour before the park’s official opening time on days without morning Extra Magic Hours. Thus, if the park opens at 9 a.m., the Magic Kingdom will allow guests to enter the park and roam Main Street and the Central Plaza starting at 8 a.m.

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Can you clarify your question?

If you are staying at OKW, how do you plan to get from there to the Contemporary? Are you taking a Lyft? Or do you plan to head to MK first, and then walk over? So basically the earliest you can be is when the OKW buses get you to MK. I don’t think there is any restriction on going FROM MK TO the Contemporary via the walkway. It would only be coming back FROM the Contemporary to MK.

Now, you still would have to go through temperature screening once you get off the bus at MK to get to the walkway…but perhaps since the bus is already running, that would already be open anyhow.

If you are DRIVING to the Contemporary to eat breakfast at the Wave, then I think they would allow you from the walkway to MK at the same time they would open up for buses at MK and those driving at TTC.

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I’m not sure it is open 24/7. There have been plenty of reports pre-Covid saying security stopped people wanting to go running early morning as far as the old “path to nowhere” would let them. Basically people are generally now only let through once MK is ready to let guests in.

With Covid this is even more important, since otherwise people could go through and linger outside MK without having gone through a temperature check.

We will drive from OKW to the Contemporary. Bkfst at the Wave, and then walk to MK.

It’s also possible that we will do “bkfst” at the Wave. (Wink, wink)

We were at MK a few weeks ago, driving and parking at the TTC. We were the first guests through the temp check and security, and we were on the first monorail. When we got to the park there were people already there, through the tapstyles and riding the rides. I’m trying to be one of the people who were there earlier, and this is my attempt at that.

So I’m wondering what time they start to let the guests from BLT and the Contemporary filter over to MK. I mean I know the sidewalk is open 24/7, but what about temp check and security and tapstyles?

We left CR to walk to MK at 8:30 recently and it was open. I have heard rumors they were not opening the checkpoints until a certain time but I’m not sure exactly when that is.

Thank you! Super helpful. :slight_smile: