BJs -- Southwest Airlines gift card

Just saw this on BJ’s. Too bad I already bought my tickets but I did purchase the $500 DW gift cards at 7% off.


They’re also offering this steal for Dunks :grimacing:

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Oh boy - I hope the SW Airlines isn’t a typo!!!:slight_smile:

Lol the Southwest should be correct! But they do need to work on their proofreading!!

I’ll be keeping an eye out for another Southwest gift card sale at BJ’s. I’ve never actually used a gift card for airline tickets.

Does the gift card apply to the taxes and fees for the flights?
Do you know if it would apply to the Early Bird add-on?


Also remember that with Southwest flights, you can only use 3 methods of payment on a flight (and I think one of them has to be a credit card). So don’t assume that because you’re taking a $1000 flight, you’ll be able to use $1000 of gift cards.

Just looking to use gift cards and then my credit card for the Early-Bird check-ins. I was reading online, that the Early Bird add-on cannot be paid for with gift cards. Looks like the rest can though. Guess it was as easy as going to Southwest’s website :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Also, just noticed this wording on Southwest’s site…
“Southwest gift cards – A maximum of three Southwest gift cards can be applied per passenger on each reservation. If your purchase exceeds the amount available on the three Southwest gift cards, you will only be allowed to use two Southwest gift cards and another form of payment will be required for the difference.”

So does this mean, if I am making one reservation for my husband and myself, I could use up to 6 gift cards? The wording seems odd. I might reach out and see if Southwest can clarify.

I just received an e-mail back from Southwest.
“Thank you for your email. A maximum of three forms of payment per Passenger may be used to purchase an itinerary. The following may be used per Passenger: up to three unused tickets (travel funds), up to three Southwest gift cards, and/or up to two Southwest LUV Vouchers (SLVs). If the balance per Passenger is not covered by unused tickets (travel funds), Southwest gift cards, and/or SLVs, a credit card or PayPal account must be used in place of one of the other forms of payment. Keep in mind that only one credit card or PayPal account will be accepted per reservation. We hope to welcome you onboard soon!”
I mean… still kind of unclear lol. But it kind of sounds like 3 gift cards PER person on the same reservation… so I might be able to use up to 6 with my DH. I will likely only need 4 gift cards total. I won’t be booking til July, but i’ll try to remember to update this once I do.

SOUTHWEST gift card sale going on now! $174.99 for $200.

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