BJs Disney Gift Card Promo

I got an email from BJs about a Disney gift card promo they’re running in April and it says if you buy $5000 then you get the gift cards at a specific discount. Does anyone know if they mean you actually must spend $5000 or just buy $5000 worth of gift cards? Presumably, if you’re getting a discount, your total would be less than $5000. Here’s what they sent:

The prices below are for $2,500 orders and above.

Item # Description Face Value Offer Price
62708 3 Pack - $50 Disney Gift Card $ 150.00 $ 140.00
62700 $100 Disney Gift Card $ 100.00 $ 95.00

The prices below are for $5,000 orders and above.

Item # Description Face Value Offer Price
62708 3 Pack - $50 Disney Gift Card $ 150.00 $ 138.50
62700 $100 Disney Gift Card $ 100.00 $ 94.00

We have inventory available so we can ship with our standard 3-5 business day lead times for card activation.

**$500 Disney gift card is not included in this promotion.

Just buy. You don’t have to spend your savings. They were actually just talking about this offer last week on Backside of Magic :slight_smile:

@loveack - did the podcast mention if this offer is only available on the website or is it also available in store?

It’s only available through their bulk sales department. You won’t find the larger discount online or in the store, only by contacting their bulk sales.

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On the podcast they talked about how you had to contact a person directly. Cannot do it online or in stores…

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Not sure if it makes a difference at this point, but you may be better off waiting for a better offer. We got a sale for 8% off not too long ago, which is better than this offering, and there was no restriction on how much you had to buy. We ended up getting $2400 in cards, with the first $1500 also having 5%cash back on our Discover card. Saved a few hundred this way. Hope this is helpful, I don’t know what your timeline is!

@mark.lengieza How did you hear of the promotion? I’ve just been checking the price in the regular website periodically but keep missing it.

Also does anyone know if gift card purchases at BJs are treated like a regular purchase or are they considered cash advances? I tried to figure out if my cc company would charge me a fee but they said it depends on how the merchant handles the transaction…

Heads up, the $500 Gift cards on the BJ’s website are $464.99 right now. It is a 3 day sale, but I’m not sure when it started, so act fast!


Thanks Mark, just went on there and that’s a 7% savings. Note, though, I tried the “trick” where you add the membership to your cart then remove it when you are ready to check out and it won’t work for me. A window to add membership keeps popping up. My son is a true member so I will have him do this. Every little bit helps.

Promo is good until tomorrow, May 4th.

Just created a new post - but just FYI for those following here — Southwest Airlines $200 gift cards are $174.99 at right now!

Yup, I got two of those in addition to the Disney one, basically paid off the remaining amount that I had left on my trip for August!

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Any good discounts on gift cards still going on?

Nothing right now. I’m checking Southwest and Disney gifts cards pretty much every day though.
Does anyone know how often BJ’s does sales on their gift cards?

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