Bizarre rest times

The site is generating a bizarre touring plan. It begins the day with a 45 minute rest and then adds a 6 hour rest at 3PM. Anyone ever seen this before? Hard to trust the touring plans when getting these kind of results…

I can’t see your plan, I think you have to check a box to make it public. From experience though, if it is giving you a 6 hour break you do not have enough rides/shows to fill up the day. Try changing the hours that you are there, or add another 6 hours worth of attractions (or schedule meals and breaks). Good luck!

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Agree with @Wahookie: Sometimes there is a glitch to give you a strange plan. But usually it’s not the site that’s the problem, it’s something in your parameters. Eg, some attractions don’t open until later. Also agree with @Wahoohokie that if you have a 6-hour break part of the problem is either too few attractions, or you’ve set your day length too long.
Make your plan public (Edit the plan information and click the “Publish this plan?” checkbox), then we’ll be able to see it and advise.

Wahoohokie and mossmaci, thanks a lot! New to this and thought that the program would just suggest ways to fill up empty time. Appreciate the help!

I checked and I still cannot see the plan. I am actually getting a completely different page telling me that “the page does not exist”. Have you checked your times (am/pm)? I usually use a TP to check that I have not under or over planned and I agree your is telling you to add more!

TP plans have never recommended or gave any break time in any of the dozens of plans I have made. I have to enter a break at a specific time. It will give long FREE time waits because it requires 5 or 10 minutes to stand in line for a show to start. This bothers me greatly when I do not care to watch the whole Mariachi show for instance, being two minutes late would be acceptable to me.

TP ALWAYS takes the list I want and jams it into a procession from the start of plan to finish, even though some of the attractions would have a shorter wait time an hour later. If there was an option to take my list to pick the best time for each throughout the day with break times throughout, I might pick that feature occasionally. I would fill the FREE time with meets that are not selections in TP, smell the flowers, take a potty break, buy an ice cream -knowing I will get in the shortest line for each ride when TP tells me will be the shortest wait of the day.

There was something funky going on yesterday. I have made many, many, many TPs and yesterday all I did was copy a pre made plan and optimized and it put lunch at 9:00 am and a six hour break at 3 pm and then told me there was not enough time to do everything. This was an Official guide plan. They don t put 6 hour breaks in their pre made plans. I just put it down to a temporary glitch.