Birthday during a trip

Does Disney automatically know that it will be my birthday when we make reservations or do I need to have that put on each reservation myself? I’m making reservations online and I can’t find a place to indicate that.

I called to switch me reservation and they asked if we were celebrating anything so I said yes. When you check in you can ask for a free “I’m celebrating --” pin. So if I was you after you make your reservations just give them a call and let them know. I do not know if they do anything special, but if anyone know please share.

Well I can tell you this much, You will get a tag stating it is your birthday and as you see any CM, they will wish you a Happy Birthday. Other than that I can’t think of anything you would get.

You’ll get a birthday pin that if you wear could get you some special pixie dust. My sister got “happy birthday” from every CM, one pulled her over and said she had a phone call, it was goofy wishing her a happy bday. She also got a free dessert at yak & yeti. Of course none of that is guaranteed.

We’ve had it go both ways as well, but I would wear the pin. My son got a lot more pixie dust than I did, which is the way I would prefer to see it go. We just have trouble with him because he doesn’t like cake, cupcakes, or ice cream (they are too messy!) so he tries to politely refuse and it baffles people.

If you are using the room selection feature in Touring Plans, the software creates a FAX request which Touring Plans sends out for you 5 days before your scheduled arrival. You have a small text area where you can key in any special request you may have beyond a specific room request. I have 2 reservations for my extended family, so I requested both rooms be on same floor and near each other. I also indicated that my Grandson is celebrating his 9th Birthday on the day we arrive. Since room requests are not guaranteed I will just have to wait to see what I get. Don’t know if the Birthday note will be acted upon either. I will request a Birthday button for him when we arrive. CMs do recognize these special buttons and you may receive the extra pixie dust others have mentioned. My wife and I visited the world in 2016 for our 40th Anniversary and wore our buttons. We received many congratulations from CMs and were offered a champagne toast and a cupcake dessert at 2 of our table service meals.