Birthday celebration but late arrival from uk

Early planning but next summer we fly out from UK on my birthday. We land mid afternoon so by the time we get through immigration and collect our hire car it will be late afternoon early evening arrival at OKW. We will also be jet lagged. Looking for recommendations for a nice birthday meal but not too honerous to get to from OKW, so prob disney springs. Shame i wont be in the parks for my actual birthday as i believe you get special treats

BYou can get a birthday badge from your resort and wear it in the parks. Doesn’t guarantee you anything other than “happy birthday” greetings from CMs, but you may get a cupcake at a TS restaurant.

DS turned 21 last Christmas on the day we travelled, also from UK. We just had birthday drinks and celebrated properly the next day with an ADR. Mind you, the drinks were at TOTWL and of course they all made a big fuss of him. In fact they insisted he ordered the drinks and he got a free cocktail from the bar staff.

Personally I would do it the next day. Maybe have a low key meal at Olivia’s that night; that way you can have a drink or two without having to rely on buses or designate a driver and you’re onsite so not far to go when you’re ready to hit the deck.

I agree, it’s risky having an ADR on arrival day as it’s so easy to be delayed and miss it. We wouldn’t have the energy anyway. I’d celebrate the next day.

We never make ADRs for arrival day - one less thing to stress about if the flight is delayed. I agree with the other posters, I would celebrate the next day. :slight_smile:

Thank you guys, probably a good idea, maybe a stop at walmart to get supplies as we have a full kitchen then prior to check in and a light meal off site, tmight even stop at IHOP, as long as they do gluten free for my son, quite indulgent to have breakfast for dinner. Will also mean we have extra credits for a signature meal another night.

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Are you travelling with kids, if you are they are unlikely to want anything but bed. We are from the UK too, and on our first night DH, DD5, and DD7 were all in bed by 8:30pm, I was the only one with any energy to explore the resort. I echo others advice on not making and ADR’s the first night, and plan your special dinner for another night.