Birthday Cakes/Celebrations with ADR's


We are headed down in 5 weeks!!! During our stay two of my kids will be celebrating birthdays. We have ADR's scheduled for their "birthday dinner" one at Cape May and the other at Mama Melrose.

Does anyone have experience ordering birthday cakes through Disney and having them at their restaurants? I have heard mixed reviews and just wanted to see if anyone else has had experiences with it.

Thanks in advance.


Hi. We ordered a cake for my son's birthday during our September visit. It was for our dinner at whispering canyon cafe. I don't know about the two restaurants you are looking at but I know the process was easy. We called disney and they got us in contact with the restaurant to see what type of cake and filling and if we wanted anything wrote on it. It was 19.99 plus tax and the four of us had a piece and still had leftovers. I hope that helps.


We did a cake order for my dad's birthday at Crystal Palace two years ago! You can order a cake and send it in to the correct department, provide your ADR confirmation number etc...and when you check in let your server know and they can bring it at the end of the meal. Had a birthday card signed by Pooh and friends as well, worked out great.
It appears they no longer do custom cakes but do offer the 6" vanilla or chocolate cakes for birthdays, etc.... call (407) 827-2253.


And in some places if you totally forget until the moment you're checking in for dinner, they will have cakes ready to go for you! That's what happened last week as we checked in to Cinderellas Royal Table for my daughters 4th birthday. I asked if they have any cakes and they have generic happy birthday cakes! Not sure if all places do that, but Cindy's did! :slight_smile:


We went during my birthday last year and when we ate at Akershus for dinner I got a cake. It was just the regular cake (they had asked if we wanted the Mickey Mouse cake or the regular was $55 for Mickey and $30 for regular), we ordered the regular and I was pleasantly surprised that it still had a mickey on it. The kids loved it (which is why we ordered it), they were so happy to have a cake for Mommy's birthday while on vacation. It was very good and more than enough for the 5 of us.