Birthday Cake at WDW

What’s the best and most economical way to get a birthday cake delivered to your resort?

My daughter will be turning 7 on the Saturday we are there. We have lunch reservations at BOG and will be spending the day at MK. She really wants to have a birthday cake at some point on her birthday. Doesn’t have to be at the restaurant. It could be in our room later in the day.

Frankly, I don’t want to spend a small fortune on a cake, but I’m willing to spend more than I normally would to make things special.

Any suggestions? What am I probably going to have to spend? Are there better options than going through Disney for this?

Any other fabulous ideas for birthday celebrations while at the WDW?

I don’t have cake advice for you, but in case you didn’t already know this - make sure to tell the front desk at your hotel when you check in that it is her birthday! They’ll give her a birthday button to wear on her birthday (or during your entire stay, if you want). Minimally, LOTS of Disney CMs will wish her a happy birthday all day long, which she might enjoy. And if you’re lucky, she’ll get some extra perks along the way.

The easiest way to get a cake is to order directly through Disney at (407) 827-2253. They do have a variety of cakes, including a 6 inch more plain one that won’t break the bank. Cakes can be delivered to your room or a Disney restaurant (reservation required for dining and you must order at least 72 hours prior). Other than this, if you have a car you could head to Publix, WalMart, or Goodings, which are not far off property. All of these stores take pre-orders but also have pre-made cakes. Lastly, Goodings delivers and does deliver cake so if you need a grocery order you could use them. They do charge a $25 dollar delivery fee (they deliver to guest services in your hotel and not to a room) plus you need to order more than $50 in groceries. However, if you don’t need groceries/water/baby supplies, this would be more expensive than just ordering your cake through Disney. Good luck!

Great idea!

The various bakeries will deliver and leave them in your room. They are very reasonable and also very delicious. Here’s a link with lots of info. Some of the pricing is likely to be a little out of date but will give you the correct number to call for the specific bakery that covers your resort. Each one has different options.

Thank you for that link!

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I also just saw this one the Disney website: Cakes - Celebrate Today! Cake -
Be spontaneous! Have an instant celebration with our 6-inch cake — available in both chocolate and vanilla. No notice is necessary; you can order upon arrival at most of our table-service restaurants.

You know, maybe one of those simple cakes with some candles and Tsums Tsums added to the top would work! I could pack the candles and tsums, and we’d be all set!