Birthday, anniversary trip re-do

Our February trip was cut short by a family emergency so my awesome dh took me back to WDW this past week to celebrate my bday and our 34th anniversary. I think I’ll keep him :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
The only room we could get on short notice was super expensive Beach Club. Was it worth it? Ehhh, yeah I guess. Room was definitely bigger than our usual Pop Century, walking to Epcot was awesome, pool was outstanding.

Cute Easter egg display in lobby

Eating in the solarium was so peaceful

At least there was a sitting area between the two mile- long hallways to rest up
Epcot day next!


Nice to be ‘forced’ to stay at Beach Club!


On our first day Epcot opened at 8 and had late hours until 11. I figured we wouldn’t need Genie+ and I was right. We rope dropped Remy very easily since we could just walk to the International Gateway entrance. Remy was such fun!

We ate a quick breakfast at Sunshine Seasons (not much offered in the morning, just grabbed a muffin and cinnamon roll) and made quick work of Soarin’, Living with the Land and The Seas.

Completely empty line to Soarin’

You’re not really Soarin’ if you don’t leave your shoes on the floor

Spike sipper with yummy smoothie. There were lots of characters out but still socially distant.
Spaceship Earth and Test Track were both down so we spent time shopping and finding Spike in the flower gardens.


After a lovely pool and nap break we walked back to Epcot. We spent the evening hunting Easter eggs, getting photo pass pics, and finding Spike. We topped it off with a Pointer Sisters concert!


Day 2 was Animal Kingdom day. I had not anticipated getting genie+ for this day, but our looong day and night at Epcot (26,000 steps!) wore us out and we couldn’t get ready in time to rope drop. I scored a 9:00 Kilimanjaro Safaris and am I glad I did. The standby line was crazy long!

We walked the gorilla trail and saw baby Grace and her mom.

We had a crazy close encounter with the birds at the tree of life

We toured the tree of life trail and then hit my second favorite ride, Kali River Rapids

Yes we got soaked :+1:. It was getting hot and crowded so we hiked back to the busses for our break.


Great photos!!

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Well it finally happened. I actually got an ILL for Rise of Resistance! With a decent return time! For only $30! Yeah, not really so excited about that last bit. :woman_facepalming::moneybag::frowning:
We trekked our way to Hollywood Studios on a very humid morning and headed back to the experience that is ROR.

I am completely spoiled for rides now…how could anything compare to this? The pressure is on you now, Guardians of the Galaxy. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
We saw Frozen sing a long and did Toy Story Mania and Muppets and then stopped for lunch at the pizza place. I had no idea this place was two stories with an elevator to take you up to the spacious, quieter eating area.

All day I did my due diligence and stacked a ton of genie+ for the evening in Magic Kingdom. And then we spent the time in the pool instead. :woman_shrugging: What can I say, we’re old and it’s a great pool.

I did a ton of planning for this trip and it paid off in some ways (rope dropping Remy, getting better at genie +) but in the end we chose spontaneity more often than not. And the mix of having plans but doing what you want was perfect for us.