Bird Shows in Animal Kingdom

Does anyone have any opinions on Up!, Feathered Friends in Flight, and Winged Encounters? I’m thinking we’re not going to want/have time to do all three.

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Winged Encounters is just lovely. Nothing like watching tons of macaws flying overhead unexpectedly!


There is no “Up!” show, Feathered Friends replaced it. Winged Encounters only takes 10 minutes of your time. Just show up at :10 after the hour directly in front of the tree of life and look for a couple of CM’s. Listen for the music, macaws will follow at :15 after but only stay for a few minutes.

Both are a must see.


Winged encounters is very special.
Blue Sky. Tree of Life. Colorful Exotic Birds. Bliss!!

The other show didn’t get great reviews when it first opened but I think they toned down the IP to go back to focusing on the birds. It certainly was a great show before they introduced Up! to it.


I saw Up! In December 2019 and found it very moving. The birds were awesome.

When we were there in April, we loved feathered friends in flight. The map and signage still called it Up even though they quit the Up theming.
The show was terrific and fun for the whole fam.
We timed it well to get off Everest and walk over about 5-10 minutes before the show and still make the show. Sat up high in the back but all the seats see the action well.

There are only two bird shows. The one in the amphitheater which is currently “Feathered Friends in Flight” and it would be my choice if you’re only doing one because the other one literally lasts like 60 seconds. I know it gets Not to be missed for Winged Encounters but it’s just birds flying over head with the Tree of Life in the background and some music playing on the speakers for a minute or so. It’s not really a show at all. I honestly am a one and done on that.


Winged Encounters is absolutely terrifying if you aren’t expecting it. Even if you are I still personally find it frightening with giant birds swooping all around from seeming out of nowhere. No thanks.

The actual bird show is great though. They work with all these amazing birds and show off their skills and natural behaviors.

Well, crackers. Thanks everyone for your replies, I’ll take the UP! show off the list. Is there anywhere that says what’s not current but still available on the plans?

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Just use this page to see what shows are current

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We saw background info on Winged Encounters on a Disney Animal Kingdom couple of tv shows.
And then caught the Flight quite by accident last December, on our way to someplace else.

We all enjoyed it. We’d like to see it again.