Billy hill?

What happened to the billy hill show? Why is it now at knotts?? We love this show! Any info out there on this?

Disney’s been “retiring” the live shows. The last Billy Hill shows were on Jan 6th at BTR jamboree arena, the fans came out in droves. Marc(ralfrick), Bryan(btw760) & I were at most of the shows that day. Knotts has picked them up, I’ve yet to go out & see them there. Youtube has videos of their last performances. The Laughing Stock at Golden Horseshoe is also gone.

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I am totally bummed we saw them last New Years. We are going to knotts next week and will see them for sure.

I was there on Jan 6th to see their last performances too. I was just at Knotts today and made sure to see them. The show is different than what they did at DL, but it’s still great. I loved being able to see them again. The theater they perform in is smaller so it makes for a more intimate show than when they were at Ranch Jamboree or even Golden Horseshoe. I liked it closer up. They only perform Fri thru Monday and said, “…through the summer.” So I don’t know if it’s only a temporary gig or will continue. They have been there since March at least.

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They are under contract until Sep 1 last I heard, hopefully it is renewed. I talked with Denny (Billy Fiddle) a while last month. He couldnt really be direct about what all went down at DL, and it was a coversation with a lot of reading between the lines. But he did say that Disney felt they couldn’t be “branded”.

Knotts is well worth the price these days. The revamps of their mine train and log ride are magnificent. The Hillwilliams do play three completely different sets, so there is effectively a 90 min show with two intermissions long enough for a roller coaster ride. Mystery Lodge is good; stunt show is decent. Ghostrider makes the Batterhorn seem smooth, though; they really let that one go.

Here are some pics.