Bike Rental - Staying at campgrounds and renting bikes from offsite?

We are likely to be tent camping at a friend’s RV site. so we won’t have our car at the site. Golf Carts are $60+ a day. Bikes are an option but they seem outrageously expensive. Does anyone know of an offsite place to rent bikes for a few days. I guess we could just use the buses.

When we were considering staying in a cabin at Ft. Wilderness, I contacted this company

They claim they have disney resort rental packages with drop off and pick up, however they didn’t have enough kids bikes for me (I only needed 4).

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Thank you. That looks like a good option. $125/week for a regular bike.
Although just now the family that was traveling with us e-mailed to say that they couldn’t go. They were the reason for camping because they wanted to bring their dog.