Big Thunder Mountain Refurb changed?

According to the this WDW site, Big Thunder Mountain is no longer on the refurb list for my upcoming trip in May.
How can I get it on my TP? This is a big ticket attraction for my family and now I need to change things around so we can either ride at RD or acquire a FP.


I just saw this today as well on the official Disney website. The “Pardon our Pixie Dust” notice was removed a few days ago, and now the schedule is showing operating through to end of June. I just checked for FPs on a few days in April, but its not showing any availability (yet).

Please could someone from find out what’s happening? If the refurb is actually postponed it would be good to be notified when FP becomes available so we can book it. Thanks!


wdw Haven’t made any official announcement yet Once they do then tp should update the info. If not you need to email webmaster @touringplans and they will look into it

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This would be pretty fabulous. I’m pretty cheezed that BTMR is closed for out May trip!

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If Big Thunder is open, it will throw a wrench into my perfect TP… but it’s the good kind of wrench!


Completely understand, if they made adjustments to every rumor things would be pretty crazy!
I was trying to find the refurbishment schedule on the official website but I can’t find it. Can you point me in the right direction?
Keeping my fingers crossed, it softens the blow of Soarin’ not being open!

Disney’s official information is provided on the attraction’s own page for BTMR:

Under the Hours heading, click on the calendar and choose the date you want to check. However it only provides information up to end of June.

Someone posted on the Lines app that they had spoken to a CM and confirmed that the actual refurb dates have been moved to Aug 8 - Nov 18.

Thank you! My MK date is 5/13 and it shows that it is open, here’s hoping!!

Pretty excited about BTMRR being pushed back, but now Soarin reopening is pushed back too. So we will gain BTMRR for our trip, but lose Soarin.

FP+ are now available.