Big thunder FPP "Distribution done" re-opening day

We are planning to be at MK on 11/19 when BTM is scheduled to re-open. I checked FP availability for that day and it reports “Distribution done.” Today is 60 + 10 days before then, and I find it hard to believe that all the FP’s are gone this early. Are FP’s just not distributed on re-opening day?

They don’t open fpp up for rides in refurb until closer to open dates in case of delay. You just need to keep checking. Sometimes they don’t have fpp on the first day either in case of problems.

Thanks for the explanation, that makes sense. I’ll just keep checking!

Just checked again and looks like fpp are available 11/22 and later but still see “distribution done” for the first 3 days of re-opening. I suppose these first 3 days are being reserved for possible technical difficulties. We will be arriving late to MK that day so I guess we’ll be stuck in the stand by line.