Big River Grill opinions

My wife and I have one semi-resort day (not hitting a park until the evening…HS for TSL after dark). We are staying at Boardwalk, and so looking at potential ADRs for lunch (or possibly dinner, but not both) that day.

I haven’t heard much talk about Big River Grill. Food looks good enough (especially since we aren’t terribly fancy food type people), but curious what your thoughts are.

We are open to alternatives…but do want opinions of BRG.


Skip it unless there’s no other option.

It was mediocre at best, but did the trick for a later dinner with no reservation needed. You join the walkup list - either in the app or in person - to get a table. They do not take ADRs

It’s incredibly loud in there, and the service was meh. The food was “ok”

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I confused this w/ BigFire Grill at Citywalk. My DS loves the fettucine there.

My wife ended up there for lunch last week and was fairly underwhelmed. If you have park hoppers, I’d go anywhere in Epcot first. If no hoppers, choices are likely more limited as many of the resort places aren’t open for lunch, but I’d bet you can find a better option within a short walk…


Thanks for the input. I guess it is worth looking at other options. I like the idea of possibly hopping into Epcot. I’d just have to change our APR for the day.

We had lunch there this past spring. Ate at a pleasant outdoor table so I can’t speak to the indoor environment. Our waitress was fabulous, especially with the beer recommendations. The food is gastro pub fare, so good for non-adventurous eaters. We got things like nachos and Cobb salad, and found them quite tasty. I enjoyed my meal although I’m not a beer drinker and pub food isn’t my favorite.