Big increase in wait times at RD on a CL9 day?

So when I re-evaluated my MK plan for February 21st (now a CL 9), the wait time at BTMRR at RD went from 5 minutes to 22 minutes. Can anyone who’s been on a high CL day confirm whether that sounds correct? I was hoping to knock out BTMRR and Splash without FPPs, but maybe that won’t be possible on a really crowded day.

My rope drop times increased like crazy too even though the crowd level for my MK day didn’t change. Before it had me doing JC, PC, BTMR twice and Splash before 10:30 AM. Now JC is 20 min at RD and the others are 30-40 minutes after that.

Maybe the turn left secret is out? Hoping these numbers are on the high side!

Hmmm…interesting! Splash and BTMRR are priorities for us so I moved some things around and right now I have us doing Jungle Cruise, Pirates, Magic Carpets and then FPPs for BTMRR and Splash.

One thing to bear in mind is that the In Line time for the first attraction at RD is based on the experience of the typical WDW guest. Liners, who get to the turnstiles early, know where they are going, and “walk with purpose” should experience a much shorter wait.


Good point. My BF wanted to book a FPP for BTMR but the RD wait times before were too good for those rides so we booked Space instead. Hoping that wasn’t a bad decision! Now TP wants me to do Buzz and Little Mermaid first?

Note that the wait times and CLs are likely to change once TP gets a better idea of the approach WDW is taking in January. Then re-optimize closer to your stay dates and see what things look like. No matter what happens, the fact that you have a plan will make for a much better park day anyway. :slight_smile:

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