Big Family Trip, Confused about MDE

I am helping plan a Big family trip for my friend Beth. They have 11 people. 6 adults, 5 kids, 3 room reservations. As of now, no one has MDE account except for Beth. She created her family list and assigned resort and tickets to each family member. Now Beth’s brother Mike wants to create his own MDE account so he can make plans, mobile order etc for his wife and kids. But they want Beth to make all the fastpasses for the entire family when their 60 days opens in a few weeks. At this point, will Beth need to call IT to sort out getting Mike’s reservations and tickets under his account or can she do it herself? This is confusing me and she’s asking me for help. Can someone school me in this or point me to a resource that will explain what to do? Many thanks.

First, I am no expert.I would suggest Beth call Disney with her brother available there when she does. I say this because of the instructions I received from a friend who planned for a large family group previously. This is what I know works because it has worked in the past for the person who gave me the instructions and has been working as I have planned for my large family group:

I was told was you could do as Beth has done just putting in the names in my own MyDisney account, and then make MDE reservations with no problem utilizing them during our trip.

I was also told if anyone other than the planner individually desired fast passes on the tickets, each person had to have their own MyDisney account which was first linked to the planner’s account giving the planner permission to make plans for them. The ticket had to be attached inside each person’s individual MyDisney account. That way when fast pass making time arrives the planner could make fast passes for the group. I was told if any individual tried making their own fast passes while the planner was also making them or after they had made fast passes for the group, it could potentially mess up the fast passes for the entire group by deleting them.

I set up email addresses just for a MyDisney account for each adult person in my group, and then they each set up a MyDisney using that address and linked it to my account granting permission for me to make their plans for them. I have had no issue making all sorts of plans for our group.

Once we arrive at Disney each day after we use our first three fast passes the adults will be able to make subsequent fast passes for themselves on that day. This fits our plan of going together to start each day, doing our 3 fast passes together, then splitting up so everyone can also do some stuff each day on their own or in smaller groups.

I was assured if at any time during our trip any of the adults in the group want to use their MyDisney mobile ordering they can do so and it will not cause any trouble for fast passes or dining reservations for the group.

I was also told if the ticket were attached in one person’s MyDisney account as Beth has done, it would not be possible to make fast passes for the group. I am not sure but I do not think individuals would be able to make their own fast passes either since they won’t have a ticket attached to them in their MyDisney account as one ticket can’t be attached two places is what I was told. This information might be in error, though.

I would assume Disney has a fix for this if Beth calls them. Probably they will need MyDisney accounts made for each person in the party, and those accounts attached to Beth’s with planning permission granted to Beth. I would not recommend doing any of that without first calling and getting a Disney CS to aid Beth. It may be they need to take the tickets back off the dummy list Beth has made before accounts are made for all the adults in her party.


Thank you so much for this thorough report! This helps so much. I appreciate you taking the time to share these details. Big party planning is tricky!

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If she goes to her list of friends and family she should see and option next to her brother’s name that says “update”. She can click that, and then in the next screen choose “invite to connect”. From there she should be able to put his email in and it will send him an email to create his account.

This will create his account for him to do the things he needs to do, but still keep them linked for her to manage FPPs etc.

I did this with my mom and sister with tickets and ADRs already linked to them. Everything stayed linked as it should be.


Thank you @cjandres! That’s relieving!

Big party planning is indeed tricky. We haven’t even left yet and I have already had to talk myself out of metaphorically turning the car around and going back home several times. LOL

Hope you have a great time! I’m so glad cjandres had the solution. I knew there had to be one, just not what it might be.

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I definitely agree that you need to call and get help with this. I have been the planner several times with multiple family groups and it can be tricky. I would say that each family should definitely have their own account and link to one another, but if she has already made reservations without first linking to their actual accounts, she could end up with an extra “ghost” friends assigned to tickets, which can be troublesome when doing fastpasses. Also make sure everyone who has an account knows not to use the fastpass system or they could accidentally delete them for everyone in the group. Unless you really trust them to do it right, which I usually don’t after I have gone through all the planning to make it perfect.

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