Big Cedar Lodge - Dining Reservations

Heading to Big Cedar Lodge at the end of July. There will be 8 of us. The 60-day booking window for dining reservations opens next week. How important are dining reservations at Big Cedar? I don’t want to tie us to a strict schedule if I don’t have to, but also don’t want long waits and/or odd off-hours dining times. Anyone have any experience?

We go to Big Cedar at least 4 times a year…I’d make a few reservations for that big of a group but you can always cancel easily. Are you making reservations for Devil’s pool? We’ve dropped in many times over the years and just waited, but with a party of 8 I’d make a reservation. You can always go down to the Buzzard Bar as well. Top of the Rock brunches book up faster. (Osage.) Arnie’s Barn is popular.

A few other thoughts- we are big on room service there. Call in your rider about an hour to an hour and a half prior to the time you’d like to eat.

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Thanks! Great advice. Do you know if there’s a charge for canceling a reservation?