Biergarten Restaurant at Epcot

Should we book Lunch or Dinner at Biergarten Restaurant? On DDP. Any advice would be appreciated.

The only difference between lunch and dinner is 1 or 2 dishes, more being served at dinner.
If you have a preference regarding time of day for eating a large buffet meal (we prefer early in the day), that may help you decide.
If you want to be sure you get to see the show, book around 1:30. That’s the first show time.

Make sure you check on that if going for lunch… when we went in April, show time was 1:15pm. I’d book for 1:00, gives you plenty of time to be seated, get a round of drinks, and get your first plate filled before they start.

thanks @disney1974 and @Crasstastic , Do they have the shows in the evening for Dinner?

Yes, they perform during dinner too.
Last time we went, our reservation was around 12:30 for lunch and I didn’t realize they didn’t jump right into the whole polka band thing for a little while. But, you aren’t rushed there at all. Very nice servers and great food (At least I think so!).
Which ever you choose, the experience won’t vary greatly. Enjoy!

thanks, @disney1974 - this trip is gonna be so much fun! first time with DDP. Although, choosing 13 table service meals is not as easy as it sounds! Last trips we’ve only had 2 or 3 ADRs.

Wow!! That’s really a great way to try out any place that you’ve had your eye on but haven’t had a chance to try. One year my family & I had the DP with the 1 table service/1 counter/1 snack. It took a lot of planning but we got to check off so many of our wish list restaurants. Love to eat my way around the World!

I thought I would throw in my two cents because Biergarten is my FAVORITE restaurant in Disney World.

The reason it is my favorite is because of the atmosphere. When you go for lunch though, there usually is a LOT less people which makes it less interactive. Biergarten is a great restaurant when it is crowded. No one wants to be the only one on the dance floor or the only one shouting!


so helpful @gmlauder , lunch with less people sounds kinda good… more space for me to dance! Do I really get to dance? Fantastic!!! I don’t mind being the only one dancing! hehehe (no beer required).

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