Biergarten or Yachtsman?

I know - two completely different dining experiences.

I have an Epcot evening planned and we are staying at the Dolphin so either restaurant will work logistically. Never been to either, but understand that the food at the Yachtsman is likely superior, but the Biergarten experience is unique, but have heard mixed reviews on the food. The family enjoys premium steakhouses, but we have plenty of these in our hometown of Houston, so going a week without a quality steak is not a big deal. Have gone to Le Cellier on prior trips, but the last time was underwhelmed with the meal, so that is not an option.

Looking for “liner” wisdom?

We love Biergarten and if our trip was longer this time we would be going back.

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Having lived in Germany as a lad, I’m biased. I love Biergarten.

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DD and I loved Biergarten’s food. If you love meat, that’s the place you want to go.

Maybe we caught it on a bad day but I wasn’t impressed with Biergarten. It was a rainy day and the park and restaurant weren’t very busy so maybe that had an impact on the buffet.

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When at Disney, I try to eat at places where there isn’t an equivalent in my city, so I would choose Biergarten. There is nothing comparable where I live. The food is good, the decor is unique, and the band is fun!

I wasn’t impressed either. We’ve only been once and found it underwhelming.

I love Biergarten, we go every few trips.

But, may I suggest Shula’s? It gets fantastic reviews.

Our party of 19 went to Biergarten and universally the food was not enjoyed by the group. The atmosphere was fun, but we won’t be returning.

Those 2 were the ones my DS (11 at our last visit) insisted on repeating this time. I wasn’t hugely keen on either of them. The food was decent at Yachtsman but not fabulous, and I enjoyed the entertainment at Biergarten but I knew going in that I wouldn’t enjoy the food much.

Biergarten is one of my families favorites. The food is good German food, very comforting and filing. The atmosphere is super fun. The live band is unique and makes you feel like you are at an Octoberfest celebration. The restaurant is set up to look like you are in a German village, very unique. We eat here every trip.

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BG is one of my all-time favorite restaurants in WDW. I love German food (cooking it is one of my specialties), and it has some of the best I’ve had that my mother or I didn’t make. The setting is beautifully done, and the entertainment is always fun; it’s like one big noisy party. And it goes without saying that the beer is excellent.

Yachtsman is a very good steakhouse, but no better than any that I can go to anytime I want to in my own town. If your heart is set on a steak dinner, most people say that Shula’s is the best on property; for the above reason, I haven’t been there myself.

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We loved Biergarten - I enjoyed the food, but the real star was the atmosphere - the feeling that you’re outside in a town square, and the entertainment. My 3 and 5 year old say it was their favourite restaurant of the whole trip. It’s at the top of our list to go back to. You’re at Disney World, I’d choose experience over food.


I would do Biergarten. A steakhouse is a steakhouse - Biergarten feels much more unique. We’ve always enjoyed the food there too.

If you want excellent steak in the area I suggest hiking over to the Bull & Bear at the Waldorf Astoria Bonnet Creek. Far better than Yachtsman (and Shula’s).

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Thanks All!. We will try Biergarten for the experience and moderate our food expectations.

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I had the grapefruit beer, and it was worth the price of the meal just for that!