Biergarten for Candlelight Processional

We are planning to do Chef Mickey’s, Tusker House, 50’s Prime and Biergarten on our upcoming trip. If we purchase the DDP, these all count as one TS credit, right?

We hadn’t planned to purchase the CP package. After reading posts, I’m worried we won’t get seats if we don’t. We’ll be there 12/1 for NPH. If we do the package at Biergarten, can DDP be used? How many credits? Thanks!

Hi there @amyscherz. The Candlelight Processional meal package can be purchased with dining plan credits, however, it does count as 2 table service credits instead of just 1. We’ll be there on 12/1 as well. NPH is definately one of the more popular hosts so there is likely to be quite a long line and the package would be the only way to guarantee seats.

Thanks @Outer1! We hadn’t planned to spend the extra $$ on the CPP, but I think I’d like to see NPH. We haven’t been to WDW during Christmas, but I’ve read so many good things about CP. I got a Biergarten reservation. Just have to decide whether or not to keep it. Hmmmm.

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Do you have another adr that might be better to pay oop for such as VN that might free up a ts credit?