Biergarten Boot?

Does Biergarten still sell the iconic glass boot of beer? DH and I are only choosing 1 TS each for next trip. DH kinda wants to do Biergarten, but he really just mostly wants that boot beer. Do they still sell it? I didn’t see it specifically on the menu.
Also, is it possible to get at Block & Hans instead? Would be nice not to spend $100 on a buffet if we don’t need to.

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No beers in boots right now.

Due to Covid? Or were they discontinued before the pandemic? Trip is planned for Jan 2022, so hoping things will be mostly normal by then.

I do not recall actual beers in boots the last two times we were there both pre-and during the pandemic. But we did not ask, so maybe you can request? They definitely still sell the boot steins next door though.

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Oh, good! Maybe DH will just want to buy a stein as a souvenir then. He enjoys collecting “mugs”.