Bice or Mama Dellas?

My husband and I are going to Universal at the end of April and I’m looking for somewhere romantic to get dinner on our first night there. We’ll be staying on site at RPR, but nothing there screams romance to me other than Tchoup Chop which won’t work since neither of us eat sushi and my husband won’t even touch seafood. Anyway, I looked at Portofino and thought that it may be a nice place to go for a night stroll before heading back to our resort for the afternoon. So between these two restaurants which one do ya’ll think would be the most romantic?

@tink87 My wife and I ate at Tchoup Chop twice last year. In my opinion its easily the best food in Universal. Also the best for a romantic dinner…although it was very busy. Neither of us had the sushi or seafood. The menu is extensive. I don’t think you’ll have any issues finding something you’ll like. Also, the banana cream pie might be the best desert I’ve ever had in my life!! (no exaggeration)
We’ve eaten at Mama Dellas as well. Good food. Not romantic only because there were so many kids. If you get a late reservation you might get a quiet table. Make sure you tell them what your planning. I’m sure they’ll do there best to accommodate you.

It’s the difference between a regular TS and signature dining. Bice would definitely be the quieter, more romantic dinner - and more expensive. Tchoup Chop is one of Emeril’s restaurants; I have not eaten there (yet), but I’ve never had less than an outstanding meal at any of his others. His NOLA is my favorite restaurant in New Orleans (and I’ve eaten at a LOT of them).