Bibbidi Bobbidi - which location say you?

Hello! I have reservations at MK & DS BBB locations. Which is best? We have late dinner reservations at CRT - so MK makes sense because one stop… but I’ve heard it’s very chaotic and crowded. Disney Springs seems newer and less crowded but I’m wondering if it’s less magical than the castle? Help! First trip & have never done this before! Thank you in advance!

Definitely the castle for the whole experience!!

I agree with the castle for the magic. Not sure when you’re going but it is under construction now though. Once done, it will be bigger so hopefully less crowded. When we went in May, it was tight but I wouldn’t say chaotic. Also, you get a photo shoot at Castle Couture as well which is definitely worth it.

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Here’s an article from Undercover Tourist about the differences between BBB at MK & DS.

Personally, I’d do it at DS. You have more amenities and space. Plus, the castle is a mess right now with all the construction going on.


There’s also one opening at the Grand Floridian. Not sure if that is an option for you or not.


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I would definitely do in the castle. Just makes a young girl feel “more” like a princess. At least it did for my girls.

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Slightly off topic, but our only experience with BBB was during a cruise on the Wonder. It was perfect - quiet and enjoyable, no stress whatsoever. Curious how that compares to MK.