Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Sold Out

Hi! Wanting to take my daughter to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique but it is sold out. What is the best way to get a reservation when they are sold out? Thanks!

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Did you try both locations?

Yes :cold_sweat:

How far out is your trip? That’s something you want to book at day 180 if at all possible. I would keep checking back though!

Call every morning and evening. Cross your fingers. Have a back up plan because they are super hard to get.

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When is your trip?

A couple of other options: and

Does Touring Plans reservations cover BIppity Boppity? I was very excited today when a request for Crystal Palace 8am was available and I got it! I am so thankful and what a great tool. Check there! Good luck I am sure you will find a time.

I know I’m late to the party but have you tried getting a princess appointment at Ivy Trellis (at Grand Floridian)? They do an amazing job, work with the child’s natural hair to do all kinds of styles and secure in a tiara if they want, and you can add makeup/nail polish to the package if you choose. Starts around $50.

We tried about 100 days out and I really struggled.

I started calling them every monday up to the last 2 weeks before the trip, then it became every 2nd day, then the last 4 nights before we left…

We finally managed to get one there on the day that was a cancellation by calling guest services in the morning and night. Just so happened a cancellation took place for later in the day and we managed to get it.

If they are booked, persistence is the key

How would they feel about being transformed into a mermaid or pirate? We just booked the Pirate’s League for our three kids. It is way more affordable and the pictures I have seen online look great.

I wouldn’t rely on a walk up, but last year we had an appointment and I just walked in to confirm the time that was a few hours away and they told us that they would take her in right then, it was about 11am.

@kishiafletch Have you looked into the Ivy Trellis Salon at Grand Floridian? I just called the other day to book this for my daughter at 9 am on one of our MK days and availability was wide open (was about 65 days out at the time)! They offer princess packages, and they can do all different styles with the girls own hair (none of the plastic hair like BBB lol), and include a tiara. They can also add nail polish or makeup to the packages etc…Starts at $50.