Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Reservation

Why is this so hard to get? We are going Oct 17-21 and trying to get in for the 17th. I was a few days past the earliest reservation date and it was already booked for 17th. I’ve looked multiple times per day since then and it’s never come open. Maybe we are going at a busy time (fall break) but crowd calendar for 17th is only 4/10.

Has anyone had any luck calling and getting in or if it’s out online, it’s out everywhere…

Hi! Welcome to the forums!

BBB is a really hard reservation to get as they only have a limited amount of space and seating. If you are open to the idea, Disney Springs also has a BBB that is larger and often not as crowed. Plus, they have a few “bonuses” not found at MK.

Here are the biggest differences between Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique locations at Disney Springs and Magic Kingdom:

1. The castle – Obviously the biggest difference is that the location in the Magic Kingdom is inside Cinderella’s Castle while the one at Disney Springs is its own shop located near Once Upon A Toy.

2. Availability – The Disney Springs location offers more appointments than the Magic Kingdom location. Try to book as early in the day as possible so that your daughter can enjoy the hairstyle for as long as possible (plus you can get your money’s worth).

3. The Fairy Godmother – At the Disney Springs location you can see the Fairy Godmother in the Magic Mirror. This is not available at the Magic Kingdom location.

4. Photo studio – The Disney Springs location has a better photo studio complete with a Cinderella Carriage. The Magic Kingdom has a smaller photo studio inside Castle Couture shop.

5. Roomier – The Disney Springs location is a lot roomier than the one in the castle. You won’t feel like you are tripping over people as you watch your child go through her makeover.

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One also opened at GF recently. I’d check there as well. That would be more convenient if you’re at MK.

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It books 180 days out like ADRs.

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Sorry to contradict darkmite2, but the Fairy Godmother DOES appear in the magic mirror in the MK dressing rooms. We were there a few weeks back and did the experience there. It was totally magical btw, so do keep trying to get a reservation, people do change their minds and spots do appear.

And may be easier to get as it’s less known right now

I have no issues with being corrected, if I’m not up-to-date. I can’t learn if no one tells me. My daughter is “too big” for BBB anymore, so my MK BBB info is from a couple years ago. Thanks!!


Nothing available at GF either. Darn. My daughter is 10, so a bit big for BBB (IMO), but we are travelling with her cousin who is a bit younger so thought it’d be fun for them to go together. We got Cinderella’s Royal Table reservation on the 17th between 2-3pm so though going to BBB around lunch would be nice for them. I’ll keep looking but probably won’t have any luck.

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Consider a Character Couture for them if your heart is set on a BBB-type experience. This can be done at the Senses spa at the Grand Floridian and is a more customized, if more grown-up, experience. I do believe there is a minimum age…maybe 6? So double check that if you’re interested. These are becoming popular, but less well known than BBB. There are no costumes provided, it’s just hair/makeup/nails, so you would need to provide the outfit, and the “magic” you get in BBB is not really there. But the girls would get to pick the characters for their inspiration and the hairstyles are done by professional stylists in a real salon.


That’s a great idea…

Most people book BBB 180 before their vacation (just like ADR’s) so you are a bit behind on trying to get a reservation. I’m sure people cancel, so you can keep looking. I’d also try the other locations as well.

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You could also try the Pirates League.

Pirate’s league had lots of openings, so I went ahead and booked. Thanks for that recommendation!


Do you know if PL will do normal makeup, not mermaid style? My wife is stressed out over this because my daughter is not wearing a ‘mermaid’ outfit and we have Cinderella’s Royal Table reservation afterward. She wants them to just do normal makeup and she’ll change into a Cinderalla dress…

I told her they would do whatever you asked as long as it wasn’t extreme and used more makeup than a mermaid.