Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Packages

What is everyone’s favorite package to get at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique? We are going to take my niece for her 8th birthday in March and we are unsure which one to get. My sister was thinking on getting the The Courtyard Package that includes the t-shirt and a tutu but we are unsure if that is worth the $110 price tag. I suggested getting The Crown Package for $65 and letting her wear one of the dresses she already owns. My sister thinks my niece will be uncomfortable in a princess dress all day. We are going to make the appointment in the morning and then we have dinner reservations for CRT for dinner. I look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts!

I’m too of the idea that anything besides the basic package is unnecessary. If your niece already has enough accessories my suggestion would be to bring them and avoid paying anything extra. The extras are nothing you couldn’t find at a Target or Walmart. To me it is not worth it but some people like the magical pixie dust embedded in all the souvenirs sold at the world (sarcasm).

Some girls don’t seem to mind wearing their dresses all day but you know your niece best. My daughter wore her dress for a couple of hours and later changed to more comfortable clothes. I don’t think any child would endure an entire day of touring in a perfect princess outfit.

One thing to note is that I don’t think any type of glue, gel, or hairspray is used. Only pins and water. So don’t expect the hairstyle to last forever although some hair types and lengths do hold for a long time.

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We did the non-dress package and DD 5 at the time wore her princess dress for a bit, changed for most of the day into regular clothes, and then changed back into the princess dress for dinner at CRT. I think our appt was at 11 and dinner at 6 or 7. I agree that it isn’t the most comfortable attire. You could also get your own t-shirt and tutu outfit (check Etsy!) for comfort if the price scares you off.

My DD’s hairstyle stayed in for 2+ days even with swimming!

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We’ll be there next week and my 9-year old daughter is getting The Crown Package right before we have our breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table. We purchased a really nice dress online for a fraction of the price we’d pay at the parks and after we eat breakfast the plan is for my daughter to change into play clothes we will bring in a backpack and then carefully put her dress in the backpack. We just personally did not see the benefit in paying for a dress from there when we’re already dropping so much money on everything else (it’s like a $300 price tag for 5 people to eat at the Royal Table - YIKES!).

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We did the basic crown package and brought our own dresses. They don’t care if you bring your own, and it will cost much less money. It was a great experience and as a dad, it was what I looked forward to most of all of our trip.

As far as wearing it all day - don’t. They have lockers up front you can rent. We rented one and just before our appointment I went and got them. Much cheaper and not uncomfortable for them.

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First time we went, we brought dresses along with us and did the basic package. There is no reason to do anything higher than that I think. The girls changed out of their dresses soon after with a change of clothes I had in the stroller. We will be there in 2 weeks and I plan to do the exact same thing, but hoping they stay in the dresses a bit longer for lunch at Cinderella’s Royal Table. It is SUCH a great experience and my girls loved every moment as did I.

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A tutu and tee sounds more comfortable to me than a princess dress. You could even buy or make a Disney tee (maybe try puffy paint, iron-ones or the super user-friendly tie dye squeeze bottles Tulip has now). Even better, there are tons of tutorials for easy no-sew tutus you can find on the internet, and she could customize the colors she wanted. Here is an example of one such tutorial (this one has you sewing the ends of the elastic but you could easily tie them or use a ribbon instead of elastic):
DIY No-Sew Tutu Instructions


Similar to others, I bought a dress online beforehand. We’ve done BBB twice and did the basic package both times. The first time was pre-RD, so she wore the dress to the park. We had CRT for lunch. She changed out of the dress after lunch. The second time we had mid-morning BBB. She changed into the dress at BBB and wore it until our mid day break.

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Thanks everyone! Seems like getting the least expensive package and bringing our own outfit is the way to go.