Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Merchandise

Hi everyone. I would love some input on BBB. We are taking our daughter for her 4th birthday when we are in Disney. I am considering buying dress, shoes, wand and crown before we go to save some money. Is the merchandise offered in the boutique any different from what Disney sells online at Disney store?

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I do not know the answer to your question specifically, but that is what we did when we took DD when she was 3 and when she was 5. We toured park after BBB so didn’t wear princess shoes but saved a lot of money bringing dresses/tiara from home, and DD was perfectly happy–she didn’t even know that you could buy them there. She was just happy to be all made up. Just put on the dress before you go in so you don’t mess up the 'do after (lesson learned :slight_smile: ). Loved BBB. So fun! Now DD is 8 and doesn’t really have any interest so I’m glad we did it.

Former FGIT here. If you are planning on buying the Disney Parks dress and accessories they are the exact same as the ones in the boutique. When doing a package that includes all of that you are actually getting a very minimal discount on the hair and nails. We had some people come in with custom dresses or ones they brought from home. We would sneak them back to the dressing room and still do a magical reveal in the dressing room for the princesses. So if you don’t want to deal with packing one, buy it there. The only thing is that some of the super popular items may be out of stock. BBB get first pull of all merchandise like that, but sometimes there is nothing you can do. Also, it would be cheaper to buy them off of the shopdisney story app because I think almost everything is 25% off right now. So in that case they would be cheaper. I hope that helps!

Thanks for the advice!

I bought the most adorable Cinderella dresses on Amazon before our trip. we didn’t do BBB because I didn’t want to spend the time but we wore them to our 1900 Park Fare dinner. Tip if you buy ahead - I shoved these two very puffy dresses (plus two semi-puffy Belle dresses) into a 2-gallon zip bag and then knelt on it to get the air out and then zipped it shut. The bag stayed nice and flat and just sat right on top of our other stuff in the luggage. They came out perfectly when we arrived, too, not a wrinkled mess.