Bibbidi bobbidi boutique makeup

Does anyone know if the boutique uses hypoallergenic make up? Just booked and the person on the reservation line says she doesn’t know. Thanks in advance!

I’m not certain - I would try emailing WDW customer service. But if you aren’t able to get an answer from them before you leave for your trip, maybe you can find an eyeshadow and lipstick that you know are hypo-allergenic for your little one and bring them along on the day of? That way you’re covered either way. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

Thanks kbellwether for the tip. I’m hoping Disney will, like they always have, surprise me with their wonderful customer service. It’s a good idea to bring my own. I don’t wear makeup so I’m off to do research! Thanks again!

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Just looked at ours and it doesn’t say hypoallergenic anywhere on it.

Yeah I looked too and didn’t see anything that specifically says hypoallergenic but I’m crossing my fingers that it is. I will probably bring makeup with me. But ugh don’t want to do that because I’m paying for it. But it’s better to bring some and not risk the makeup creating welts all over dd’s face. Not good. Thanks for your response!