BG1 - it was gone and now it's back, right?!?!

Hi! We loved using BG1 rather than Genie+ in Jan '23, but at some point we heard that it was being blocked by Disney. But now it’s back?? I’ve looked at some posts but I couldn’t tell if it was a recent thing or not. Just wanted to make sure I can use it again next week when I am there to run the Princess Fairytale Challenge! Thank you!

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Definitely back. Check out the La Cava forum for BG1 threads


Thanks SO much!! I’ll figure it out from there. Like I said, I probably needed to target my search a little better. I’m glad it’s a thing!

Here is the thread:

It’s lengthy, but the most recent info is at the end and as far as I know, everything in the first post and the official page is up to date.


Just used BG1 today, worked like a charm!


Thank you!!

Would someone please explain what BG1 is? Trying to use every shortcut I can to make our May trip as enjoyable as possible. Thanks!

BG1 101
  • The BG1 Alternative Disney MDE Interface was created by @joelbruick in 2021 as a more user-friendly way to book an attraction that uses the Virtual Queue system at WDW. This “open-source proof-of-concept” experiment was not originally meant for general use, but for hopefully helping Disney to improve the way the VQ process works in the official app. (MDE has since been updated to incorporate most of the key aspects of Joel’s design, and that’s thanks to Len ). BG1 was later made available to Disneyland visitors as well.

  • The Genie+ (LL) booking capability (also known as Merlock) was added in 2022 to BG1 to bring more of a streamlined experience to G+ users. From 7/18/23 to 10/30/23 this G+ booking functionality was no longer available due to a coding change by Disney, except for DAS users. BG1 G+ booking is active again as of 10/31/23.

  • BG1 is used by a small minority of visitors (see the user stats page) giving a great advantage to it’s users. If you would like to thank Joel and BG1 for enhancing your trip, you can support him HERE.

Why is BG1 so much better than MDE?

  • Runs on your web browser and cannot crash like the MDE app
  • Does not drain your phone battery like the app can
  • Displays a synchronized clock on the VQ & LL booking page prior to 7am
  • Let’s you easily secure one of the first BG’s of the day/secures an early LL return time
  • Let’s you refresh quickly right from the attraction page to get the LL offer you want
  • Allows you have 2 browser tabs open at the same time: one for BG1 VQ and one for BG1 G+
  • Let’s you view LL return times between 7:00am and 7:15am
  • Allows you to view up to 7 attractions on your phone without scrolling
  • Displays upcoming drop times and indicates which attractions will drop
  • Has an attraction sorting feature for preferred viewing of the tip board
  • Can quickly switch parks without having to scroll back up
  • Has a simple refresh button on the tip board
  • Gives you the ability to “star” attractions to stay pinned to the top of the tip board
  • Displays Lightning Picks (popular attraction suddenly becomes available)
  • Displays previously booked attractions on the tip board separately
  • Has a “Plans” tab that displays all future LL’s, ADR’s, EE’s, Ill’s, etc.
  • Let’s you easily view all wait times and show times on the “Times” tab

I am wondering about VQs. Will BG1 always try to obtain the earliest VQ? Or is there any attempt to go for any specific BG?

I am asking because I want to use it twice for our upcoming trip…once for GOTG, and again for Tron. But, while I would like a VQ fairly early…I am not sure I want one that would be called in the first hour.after park opens.

I don’t think BG1 can be that targeted for VQs though, am I correct?

Yes. There was much testing done on Tron, since they enforce the return time (but still can be up to 60 minutes late). I would target tapping “Join VQ” around 7:00:02 for a mid morning call back.

No need to worry about GOTG VQ. Arrive anytime after your group is called.


Thanks so much!

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Okay…thanks! That’s helpful.

I am wondering now that I have an AP if I could practice getting one and then just drop it if I do. I will report back on that.

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I found the Tron data I saved from last year, collected from another liner over many days using BG1:

VQ Join Time Avg. BG# Avg. Call Back
7:00:02 21 9:15 AM
7:00:025 43 11:42 AM
7:00:03 60 12:58 PM
7:00:035 74 2:09 PM
7:00:04 82 2:31 PM
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Do you know what the park opening time was those times were based on? 9 am?


Awesome. Thanks!

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