Bg1 ill

Good Morning Liners! I haven’t been on here for a while. Falsely thought I could kick my Disney addiction but the hidden Mickey shaped computer chip went off and I booked a short trip to WDW in April. Does anyone know if BG1 still works to book BG? Also this AM I tested it and then went straight into the MDE app and neither one showed an active BG line?

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Congratulations on your trip. That particular addiction is hard to kick.

BG1 still works for BG and for LL. Both Tron and GoTG are both using BG instead of a stand by lane.

If you run into problems here is the best thread to troubleshoot those - I recommend the first post, then skip to the bottom with your questions


BG1 can (once again) be used for LL and VQ, but not ILL as referenced in the subject of your post


Thanks for this helpful information! You’re right- my topic header ILL was a mistake- should’ve been BG.

Have a great day!